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No doubt that you want to know about us

Car fair Deal is a website that is launched to carry out fair, efficient, successful, satisfactory, and distinguished car sales in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The fair offer of course depends on the conditions, characteristics and the model of your car. We do not always grantee that you enjoy a fair instant price only, but we are circumspect that you get the most of your auto as well.

Booking an Appointment

We offer divers methods of booking an appointment. You can book an appointment by visiting our website, phone call, email or by visiting the company’s site. What distinguishes us from other car buyers is our flexi-time, so you can book an appointment according to your free time.

On-site/Garage Inspection & Valuation

Before the final negotiation for the purchase, the car is inspected by qualified specialists. The inspection includes: frame damage, previous repair work and fluid leakage, in addition to the interior and exterior appearance of the car. We will exert as much effort as possible to reach to a fair agreement.

We are quiet certain that your auto will be evaluated in a proficiently and timely manner which satisfies both the customer from one side and the company form the other. We put into consideration all of the aspects of cars selling to grantee that you have enjoyed a professional and reliable service.

Based on the evaluation, you will be given a fairer price. You are then asked to sign the contract and the rest of the procedures are left upon our responsibility, i.e.

Before Making the Offer

After your vehicle is evaluated by our specialized technicians, if you accept the offer the rest of the process will be completed instantly. The offer is valid for only 24 hours. However, some car sellers may ask for more time to make up their mind or to ask for a consultation. In this case, we do not mind to give you a time to take a decision, but you have to put into consideration that the market price is constantly changing, therefore, the price that you were offered might change.

Furthermore, the second point that should be considered is that the car will be re-inspected and re-assessed. This is done because of the fact that the condition of your car may change. Fortunately, you will not be asked to pay for the second inspection, it is free just like the first one.

The Contract

Once our experts provided us with a report about your car holistic conditions, accordingly, you will be offered a fair price. If you accept our price, you will be asked to sign a contract. Legally, the contract is binding. However, there is a very important point you have to put in consideration; there will be a period of five days as a trail period for your car, known as (cool-down period). During these 120 hours, if we find out any additional faults rather than the ones that appeared on the inspection, we hold the right to cancel the contract and back to you the auto in its same previous condition. We may not withdraw from the contract that you signed after the cool-down period passed.

Payment Details

You are free to choose the method that suits you. Car Fair Deal offers you several payment methods, i.e. direct transfer to your bank account, Cheque and cash. With reference to the first method, it is always almost done within two working days, but sometime it may extend to more than 48 hours. However, we will not be held accounted for delays which are due to bank errors, a natural disaster or administrative error. If you require cash, our well-qualified accounts will guide you smoothly and facilitate the process to you.


Car Fair Deal assures you that any document, soft or hard copies you submit to us is highly protected. The documents that we require, for instance, car license, insurance card, a passport or ID will be used for the purpose of finalizing the deal and nothing else. We would like to keep you informed that this privacy changes occasionally due to the frequent updates that we carry out to improve our website. So we advise our customers to pay a visit to this page from time to time. However, these changes are often slight and they are done to be sure that our customers are satisfied with the services that we provide. Above all, you will be notified by these.


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